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Moyen Poodles

AKC registered 

How big will they get?
15-25 pounds
16-18 inches 

Moyen Poodles

Mila x Rocky

Born April 13, 2024

Introducing our Gimore Girl Star's Hallow litter.

We have 7 beautiful puppies, 4 females and 3 males.
Go home date is June 8th.

Mini/Moyen Poodles

Gigi x Nico

Introducing our Coffee,Coffee, Coffee litter.

We have 9 beautiful puppies, 8 females and 1 male.
Go home date is June 23rd.

Born:  April 28, 2024


15 in, 20 lbs

16 in, 16 lbs

Dried florals and grass on tan backgroun


Cuddle Cavapoos

Sadie x Archie due June 28, 2024

Expected to be 15-18 inches, 15-25 pounds. 

Colors expected: red and red and white 

Just right!


the perfect dog

Ready to join the By Deign family?

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