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Puppy Training!

Great news!

We have teamed up with BAXTER & Bella who provide one of the very best online dog training programs in the world and are thrilled to now be able to offer all of our families special discounted pricing on thier Lifetime Members with discount code: BYDESIGN


They are a family-friendly training program with everything you need to be successful, and include Unlimited Professional Training Support for life!

Their online training school is as much about teaching your dog how to act, as it is about coaching you on how to successfully train. So whether your dog is a brand new puppy, going through the challenges of adolescence, an adult still in need of good manners and better behaviors, or anything in between, they have step-by-step programs to help, with classes & courses to attend and will be your partner each and every step of the way.


Don't forget to use our discount code 'BYDESIGN' to save 25% instantly - Happy Training!

The Puppy Training

Amy is certified professional dog trainer, who works with family pets, emotional support animals, therapy companions and service dogs. Throughout the podcast she talks about practical tips and tricks on how best to prepare for a puppy, what to do about things like puppy biting, dealing with setting up a successful schedule, establishing good manners and better behaviors in adult dogs, as well as everything else in between.

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