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Why choose us?

There are a plethora of breeders out there right now. It can be overwhelming. How do you know who to trust? How do you know who has great puppies?  How do you know what breeder to choose?  While we cannot attest to the honesty, ethics, morals, or breed quality of other breeders, we can give you a few reasons to consider us. 

Health Tested

With the medical advances of our time, it has never been more simple to screen breeding dogs for inheritable diseases. This is a must. Our breeding dogs have been carefully selected to achieve our goal purpose of raising healthy, happy puppies ready to join their new families.  Our dogs have been genetically health tested by reputable genetic laboratories. These DNA tests screen for more than 300 inherited diseases and traits.  Long before we ever pair our dogs for mating, we know we have good genes. 


Curriculum Raised

Early socialization is crucial.  We start exposing our puppies' senses to a variety of different things from the moment of birth.  To help us, we have implemented many protocols recommended in the Empowered Bad Ass Breeder guide. We utilize Early Scent Introduction, a procedure to help puppies with nose awareness and confidence. This enhances their ability to identify and react to scents.  We also practice Early Neurological Stimulation. This protocol developed by the US military designed to improve the performance of future military working dogs. These exercises stimulate the neurological system, boost brain development, improve circulation and the immune system, and improve overall stress responses for a lifetime. 


Family Focused

Family is the foundation of our lives.  When it comes to our breeding program, it only makes sense we would place high value of family focus with our puppies.   We only have them for 8 weeks. You have them for a lifetime.  Our goal is to raise them well to build the best foundation from birth until they join their forever families.  We love them first.  You love them a lifetime.



If you have read the about us section, hopefully you see we have been at this a while. Combined, my parents and I, have 70+ years of experience raising dogs.  While we don't claim to know everything there is to know, we do know a thing or two.  
Covid brought a lot of new "breeders" out of the woodwork.  While some are wonderful, many jumped in with intentions to make a "quick, easy buck".  I can attest, from experience, breeding dogs will not make you financially wealthy. Many of those "breeders" are now letting their programs go.  They are selling their puppies greatly reduced to anyone who will buy them. They're exiting the scene. 
Breeding is hard.  It is not always fun and games where all you do is play with puppies. Poop happens. (Pun intended.) The honest breeders who are here because they love their dogs, because they are good at what they do, because they want everyone to know the companionship of a great dog...we are still here.  We still care.  We are in it for a lifetime.  

Thank You!

Thank you for considering us as you search for your perfect puppy!  

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