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Inquiring minds want to know! 

How are your puppies raised?

From the minute our puppies are born, we are right there, holding, snuggling, caring for each and every one. We get to know each puppy individually. We know their personalities. My girls are so great.  We are all hands on with each litter.  We learn each puppy well.

The way we raise our puppies does come with a little drawback. We get attached to each puppy we have here.  Letting go is never easy.  Knowing each puppy has a great family  waiting for them makes it worth it. 

Do you allow in-home visits?

Unfortunately, we no longer allow home visits.  Gone are the days when everyone’s intentions were sincere and honest.  While we still feel that most intentions are indeed innocent, the safety and well-being of our family and our dogs comes first.

Let's FaceTime! 

Puppy pictures are typically updated weekly as they grow and develop. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Do you offer puppy shipping?

Ground transportation contacts are available.  The cost for ground transport begins at $500 and varies depending on location.  Our ground transporters are amazing.  They deliver only one puppy at a time eliminating the exposure risk from other facilities.

We also have contacts to several wonderful flight nannies.  The average cost for this service is $750.  We do not ship our puppies via cargo. 

How do I know you aren’t a scammer?

We'll prove it!

Scammers are real.  They are crafty.  They are persistent.  Not knowing who to trust is a valid concern.  

We offer FaceTime connection to families who are interested in our puppies.  We want you to meet them! 

We provide references from breeders whom we have worked with. We provide
references from families who have puppies from us.  We encourage you to reach out to our families as well as our veterinarian and staff.

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Tell me about your pricing. 

The saying is true, particularly with puppies… “You get what you pay for.” 

“I can get a puppy cheaper than that.”  Yes, you can find puppies more cheaply priced. Yes, there are puppies priced more expensively. The poodle/doodle price range is anywhere between $500-$10,000. 


Bringing a new family member into your life for you and your children to fall in love with is a huge decision. After the initial investment, the costs are the same. You will care for your new baby the same no matter what. You will feed your new puppy the same, no matter what.

Our puppies are raised in our home from start to finish. They hear normal noises of a house. They are accustomed to other dogs, are introduced to cats, are acquainted with extended family members and other children being in and out. They are comfortable being in a home with a family. 

I say that to say, not all puppies are raised like that. Many breeders raise their puppies in kennels or barns after a few weeks of age. While this is okay if you are good with that and know that upfront, it is not how we want to raise family members before they go home. It makes a difference. Sharing life with us before they go home makes a difference.


For consideration, vet costs could be considerably more if you purchase a puppy that appears to be healthy but has underlying genetic health issue that could have been predicted or better yet prevented had proper testing been completed. 


Life is life. Regardless of all testing offered and all precautions that can be taken, sometimes heart breaking things still happen. However, there are known genetic markers that can be altogether avoided with responsible breeding. Know what you’re getting. 

Health testing is important. How puppies are raised is important. How puppies are socialized is important.  Don’t leave this up to the unknown.  Don’t take a chance.  Experience matters.  It truly does make a difference for a lifetime.

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